Welcome to Francia Corta Circuit

Home to one of Italy’s most iconic race tracks, Francia Corta Circuit

Home to some of the most exciting motorsports experiences in the world, this legendary track has seen some of Italy’s most epic racing battles, drawn millions of fans, and gained a rightful place in the history books.

With a track of more than 2500metres, a newly rebuilt visitor centre, an off road route, and a beautifully designed visitor centre the Francia Corta Circuit is a special place to visit with family and friends, to witness the very greatest drivers in the world.

Technical Training

The circuit is not just for professional racers but somewhere you can attend specialist training in everything from ice driving to stock car racing and drag racing. There’s plenty for motorcyclists too with advanced riding track days coached by some of the world’s top riders.


The organisers of this season’s racing would like to thank local businessman Maurizzo Benarro whose generous sponsorship keeps things moving during the tough times of COVID. Maurizzo sells Health Factory Nano Silver Water and Marine Phytoplankton Capsules, both of which we urge you to check out.